The Federal Budget Group LLC, is led by Charles Konigsberg, one of the nation's leading authorities on the U.S. Budget and fiscal policy.

Prior to serving as President of the Federal Budget Group, Mr. Konigsberg served as:

  • General Counsel and Chief Health Counsel at the U.S. Senate Finance Committee
  • Assistant Director at the White House Office of Management and Budget for three successive Budget Directors
  • Fiscal Adviser to Senators of both political parties
  • Director of the Bipartisan Debt Reduction Task Force
  • Staff Attorney at the Senate Budget Committee

Mr. Konigsberg created, a nonpartisan website providing expert analysis of tax, spending and fiscal policy.

The Federal budget Group LLC provides:

  • Budget Offsets for Spending or Tax programs
  • Budget and Fiscal Policy Analysis and Projections
  • Strategic Planning & Advocacy
  • Washington Update speeches to large meetings and conferences
  • Federal Budget Training Seminars
  • Analysis of Proposals for Budget Impact and Compliance with the Budget Control Act of 2011

Mr. Konigsberg, is author of America's Priorities: How the U.S. Raises and Spends $3 Trillion Per Year (2008) (431 pages) as well as numerous congressional publications on the budget process. He has appeared on C-SPANís Washington Journal, the Voice of America, the PBS NewsHour, Bloomberg Radio, National Public Radio, CNN Money, Fox Business News, and ABC Radioís Money Talk as an expert on the federal budget and fiscal policy.

Expert Analysis and Strategies on Taxes, Spending and Fiscal Policy
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